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No Formal Charges Filed in Grimsley HS Prostitution Case

10:44 PM, Jul 2, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - The Grimsley High School students accused of prostitution on campus received no formal charges, according to the Guilford County District Attorney's Office.
Greensboro Police did file complaints of prostitution, solicitation and aiding and abetting with the juvenile court but the court didn't accept the complaints. 

"In the juvenile court system, when someone is accused of a crime, a complaint is taken to the intake office at the juvenile court counselor's facility. The juvenile court counselors are an arm of the state government who work with the juveniles in the juvenile court system," explained Neumann. "When the complaint is taken over to the intake department at the juvenile court counselor's office, it is screened to see if it should be approved and actually filed as a juvenile petition alleging that someone is delinquent."

"In the case involving the allegations at Grimsley High School, upon review of that, the juvenile court counselors made the determination that that complaint should not be approved for filing as a juvenile petition so therefore no formal juvenile charges were ever filed against those people," added Neumann. 


The juvenile court conducts their own investigation based on the complaint filed and determines if charges are necessary. Neumann says the court looked into what the allegations were, what the school and family responses were.

In this case, Neumann says the court found "no good reason" to get involved. That means, the students are free and clear of these complaints in the court system.


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