Warrant: Toni Gwynn, 17-Month-Old Eden Baby, Gagged With Blanket

12:15 AM, Jul 20, 2013   |    comments
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Burlington, NC -- Friday, family members paid their final respects to 17-month-old Toni Gwynn.
Earlier in the day, the child's grandparents told WFMY News 2, they had no way of burying the child after the funeral and that her body would have to be returned to the morgue.
Susan Paul, Toni's maternal grandmother, said the family did not have money to pay for a casket or a grave.
But before the service, the Blackwell Funeral Home was able to rally the community.
Toni was buried in Burlington Friday afternoon.

Amid the grief, Paul and her husband say there is a lot of confusion and anger.

According to the two, family members have always been concerned about the safety of Toni and her two siblings in Heather and Antonio Gwynn's custody.

"We were afraid for their safety. And there've been numerous reports made to the county regarding their safety, especially from the child's great-grandmother. She's called on numerous occasions and her cries were left unanswered," Susan Paul said.

WFMY News 2 called social services for a comment.
A spokesperson emailed a statement from the Rockingham County prosecutor instead.

It says releasing any information, would jeopardize the murder/child abuse case against Antonio and Heather Gwynn in the county. 

Friday, WFMY also obtained the arrest warrant in Toni's murder case.

According to the document, the 17-month-old was found in a car seat and gagged with a blanket late last week.

The warrant, which was issued July 16 for an offense that happened July 11, said:

Antonio was being arrested for restraining a child [Toni Gwynn] in the infant car seat in excess of 15 hours without food or water. Then pushed a blanket into the mouth of the child after approximately 12 hours from the time of restraint in order to stop the child from crying, and thus restricted the child's airway causing the child's death. 

Police say the parents were found hiding in Caswell County earlier this week.

The father, Antonio Gwynn, is charged with second degree murder and felony child abuse. His bond is set at $3 million. The mother, Heather Gwynn, is charged with felony child abuse. Her bond is set at $1 million.

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The couple's two other children are in the custody of social services.

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