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Leaked Audit Reveals Missing Police Evidence

7:39 PM, Jul 23, 2013   |    comments
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Reidsville, N.C. - According to a leaked, confidential audit, the Reidsville Police Department could not find money, guns, drugs and ammo linked to at least forty-six criminal cases.

The information about the missing evidence all comes from a confidential 2011 audit leaked to a Reidsville Review reporter.

Police Chief Charlie Dennis says he ordered a new audit of the evidence room shortly after he became chief in October. The audit is happening right now.

"We are taking appropriate measures, bringing in an outside independent investigation to look at how business has been conducted. I believe that is a good way to be transparent and show we are doing the best we can," Chief Dennis said.

Reidsville City Manager Michael Pearce says the audit remains confidential and he cannot release it. However, he did say the majority of the missing evidence has been found. Pearce said much of the evidence was not ever missing, it just wasn't processed properly.

"Any piece of evidence that's missing is a bad thing. But, over the total picture, and the fact that I don't know of any case or anybody that was caused injury over this, I'm very glad for that," Pearce said.

Chief Dennis has asked the SBI to investigate the evidence policies and procedures. Plus, the city manager says he's creating a new position: an evidence room manager. The manager will run the evidence room full-time. Right now, the job is split up between several different police officers.

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