5-Year-Old Helps Save Mother's Life

6:10 PM, Aug 1, 2013   |    comments
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Randolph County, N.C. -- Landon Lataille-Roberts is only 5-years-old, but somehow he knew what to do when his mother's van ran off the road, and crashed into a creek.

It's a miracle the child escaped with only a few scratches. His mom, Star, has a lot of broken bones.
However, she's going to be ok.

Ben Roberts gets emotional when he talks about the crash that could have killed his wife and son.

"Just thinking about everything that did happen and what could have happened, it tears me up," Roberts said.

Workers at a nearby campground rushed over when they heard the vehicle crash into the creek.

"It sounded like two vehicles hitting head-on," Park Manager Diana Anderson said. "She was really screaming."

The crash pinned Star inside the van. She drifted in and out of consciousness.

"The back was on the tree and the front was on the ground. The only way to get out was the front," Landon said. "First, I unbuckled. Then, I went out the window and went on a little hill and called for help."

With Landon's help, rescuers pulled his mother out of the van and took her to the hospital in a helicopter.

"She was just covered in mud and glass," Landon's grandmother, Ada Lataille said.

Landon's family says they are so impressed he knew to get help right away and they believe he helped save his mother's life.

"I've already told him he was a hero and I'm proud of him," Roberts said.

Landon's mother is still in the hospital right now, recovering. But, knowing that her son helped save her life may be the best medicine she can get.

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