SciQuarium Director Calls Meeting On Monday To Prepare For Future Power Hits

10:55 PM, Aug 11, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC-After strong storms caused the Greensboro Science Center to lose power on Saturday and remain closed through Sunday, the director is mandating a new contingency plan.

Initially when the Greensboro Science Center took a power hit Saturday afternoon, the back-up generator kicked in just as planned. However, a lightning bolt 30 minutes later hit a transfer switch and knocked out the generator.

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Sue Falcone was visiting the Science Center at the time of the power hit. She said at times, it was very dark but the staff worked to get everyone out safely.

"This was a major happening for them early on, they haven't even been open that long but they realize they can handle it and I thought that was pretty good."

In fact, Falcone figured the lights would turn back on and she and her husband could finish their visit. Instead, everyone was evacuated.

Glenn Dobrogosz is the executive director at the Science Center. He told News 2 that his staff evacuated roughly 1,500 visitors on Saturday.

After people were safe, he says his first concern was to make sure all the animals were safe and that the tanks were properly filtered.

A handful of people worked through the night on Saturday and on Sunday to make sure everything was back to normal.

Glenn Dobrogosz told News 2 that he's calling a meeting on Monday with staff to plan for another emergency like this.

"So on Monday, we're going to get together, ok, say this happens again, in a hundred years from now. What do we do? And so maybe we're going to buy another blower system on a separate generator. Buy some special chemicals that can go in the water that minimize the impact of the ammonia, that kind of stuff," said Dobrogosz.

Overall, the director was pleased with his team and everyone who rushed to make sure the people and the animals were safe.

He even called it a good thing because they can learn from it.

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