Man Charged With Heroin Possession At Guilford County Jail

5:30 PM, Aug 16, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A man stopped for not moving over while an officer processed a traffic stop on the side of the road is now in jail facing felony drug charges.

Turns out Timothy Earl Morrow was a wanted man.

According to the Guilford County Sheriff's Department, the situation escalated quickly.
It started close to the Guilford / Alamance County line near I-40 and Highway 61, Thursday night.

An officer was parked on the side of the road with his cruiser lights flashing, according to Colonel Randy Powers, when Morrow zoomed by without moving over.

Powers says the officer stopped Morrow for the violation - which would have been a simple ticket.But then, he found out Morrow was driving on a suspended license. It didn't end there. After entering Morrow's name in his computer, the officer also found out Morrow had two warrants out for his arrest for violating probation in Alamance County.

And there's more...when he was being processed at the jail in Greensboro, officers say they found drugs, Morrow was hiding in his socks.

"It was heroin so it was automatically a felony. And it was also put into a bindle so that means it was probably for sale," Powers explained. "He was trying to keep from having to take off his socks. If he had told them before they got there, it would have been a different situation. But he chose not to do that. Even while he was in the jail he tried to cover it up."

Morrow is now in jail facing several felony charges including Possession of a Controlled Substance in Prison or Jail. He's being held under a $75,000 bond.

"It's very hard to get some controlled substance in. I won't say it can't be done but it's very complicated to get one in. We have a very tight facility and a very tight process to get it in. He just picked a bad day," Powers said.

Deputies are also using this incident to remind drivers to move over for law enforcement, public service vehicles and emergency crews while they are on the side of the road doing their jobs.

Drivers who violate the Move Over law, can face a $250 dollars fine plus court fees.

And in some case, even up to felony charges if the driver causes an injury or death.  NC State Highway Patrol released a video this week of a Trooper almost hit by a tractor-trailer during a traffic stop.

The state department of public safety reports, since 1999, more than 164 law enforcement officers across the country have been struck and killed by vehicles along America's highways.

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