Neighbors of Foster Douglas Say "He's Never" at His High Point Home

11:13 PM, Aug 21, 2013   |    comments
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High Point - High Point City Councilman Foster Douglas has a residence in High Point but works in Hampton, Virginia.

From his front door to Hampton is about 280 miles or just more than 4 hours away. It's an 8 hour commute round trip.

"It's interesting that he would be living there," said Tania Harris, Douglas' neighbor. "I don't know if I've ever seen a car there, maybe a couple years ago I remember seeing a car going in and out."

Tania Harris can see Foster Douglas' house from her front yard, but she says she's never seen her city councilman.

She's lived just three houses down for eight years.

"I had no clue [Douglas lived there], I only knew the name just from the ballot."

Harris added, "I don't think anyone, even the neighbors close to them even know that he's there."

A requirement to serve on the High Point City Council is to live in the ward you'd like to represent.

According to records at the Guilford County Board of Elections, Douglas says his residence is on South Scientific Street in High Point. 

"I never see anyone there. Ever," Harris explained.

Although serving as a councilman is classified as a part-time job, "it requires full time effort," says Councilman Jason Ewing.

Ewing says he often spends twenty hours a week working on council-related business.

"We are not required to attend every meeting or any meeting but we are employed by the citizens of High Point and they have an expectation of their council members," explained Ewing.

A public information request from the city of High Point revealed Douglas has missed half of the council's committee meetings, since January.

There have been twenty meetings. Douglas has attended ten. He's missed two council meetings and he missed five of the six budget review meetings.

"A few of the council members had brought up to Mr. Douglas that because he wasn't in attendance that they didn't feel that he had the information to vote for or against the budget properly," said Ewing.

Councilman Ewing stayed out of that discussion, but Douglas' constituent says she expects more from her councilman.

"It doesn't seem that he cares," said Harris.

WFMY News 2's Morgan Hightower spoke to Douglas' next door neighbor who said they see someone mow Douglas' lawn more often than they see Douglas. Neighbors across the street said they didn't think anyone lived in the house.

Harris was the only neighbor who agreed to go on camera. She said, "I think this is important to say something, I don't think people in this area want to say anything, but I think it's important."

She added, "Things just going to keep going on the same way unless we stand up and say something."

News 2 reached out to Douglas for a comment, but he didn't respond.

To see the attendance records of all High Point city council members, view the documents attached to the left of the article. 

WFMY News 2

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