NC Gov. Pat McCrory Wants Lawmakers Reconvene To Discuss 2 Vetoes

3:58 PM, Aug 22, 2013   |    comments
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Raleigh, NC-- Gov. Pat McCrory has scheduled the session when the North Carolina lawmakers will return to Raleigh to consider overriding his first two vetoes on bills related to immigration and drug testing for welfare applicants.

McCrory issued a proclamation Thursday calling the reconvened session for Sept. 3. The state constitution required him to order one by Sept. 4 or his vetoes would have been canceled automatically.

Now, three-fifths of those present in the House and Senate will have to vote to override to enact each bill. Both pieces of legislation passed by wide margins. McCrory has been using video and Facebook to lobby legislators.

McCrory still has 34 bills on his desk from this year's session. He must act on them by Sunday night or they'll become law without his signature.

House Speaker Tom Tillis released this statement about the request from the Governor to reconvene: "We are in possession of the proclamation from Gov. McCrory, which calls for the convening of a session of the General Assembly for Tuesday, September 3rd to consider his vetoes of House Bills 392 and 786. We will continue to consult with our members to determine what action may be taken on the vetoed legislation. Our office will also continue to work closely with the Governor's office in advance of the session."

Tillis also said: With the date set for September 3rd, the House will convene in accordance with the Governor's proclamation at 12:00 noon. Given that September 3rd falls the day after Labor Day, the House leadership has informed the members that we will not move forward with any action immediately upon convening at noon and no votes will be taken at that time. House leadership is working with members to determine if a recess will be taken to reconvene later that day (to allow time for travel) or to adjourn and reconvene on the morning of September 4th. In any event, the House intends to adjourn in advance of the Jewish Holy Day of Rosh Hashanah, which begins on the evening of September 4th.

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