2 Test: The Pack It Freezable Personal Cooler

5:17 PM, Aug 23, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- This 2Test is just in time for back to school or back to the routine of taking your lunch to work.

Teacher Carlie Saltsman emailed us: Do you know if the Pack It lunch bags are a good buy? Do they keep things fresh and cold for 10 hours as claimed?

2WTK  put the Pack It in the freezer the other night..
It was solid when taken out for the 30 minute drive to work. at 8:30am.

By our lunch time at 1:30pm  the temperature was 45 degrees.To the touch that is certainly cool but it is just in that danger zone.

By 6:30pm, the ten hours later that is on the claim of the package, the temperature inside the Pack It bag was 65 degrees, clearly in the danger zone.

Here's the thing with wording on the packaging. It says "Keep food cool".
Any food and health expert will tell you to keep food out of the danger zone perishable foods like lunch meat sandwiches, need to be 40-degrees or lower.

Anything above that temperature means bacteria can grow and you could get sick.

Does the Pack It  stay cool for 10 hours? Yes, if your definition of cool is 65. Does it keep it your lunch "food borne illness safe" for 10 hours? No. But it doesn't claim too and I  don't know a lunch bag that does.

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