School Systems Across NC Adjust To New Computer System

4:45 PM, Aug 26, 2013   |    comments
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As students return to the routine of going back to school, teachers and administrators across the state are learning how to navigate a new computer system called PowerSchool.

Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools and Guilford County Schools both said the first day on the new system went as smoothly as can be expected.

"We were nervous about making sure everything was going to work for the first day," Homan Atashbar, data manager for Forsyth County Schools, said, "In the long run, I think everything is going to work out for the best. But, right now, it's a new system for everybody."

According to the NC Department of Instruction (DPI), PowerSchool "will better connect schools to students and their families and will provide comprehensive reports to help teachers develop more informed instruction."

The program will allow parents to view their child's attendance and progress online. Plus, administrators will able to monitor and track student, teacher and school data.

Year-round schools started using the new software in July. Traditional calendar schools will begin using the program Monday, August 26.

DPI says the software, includes an "assessment delivery tool and items; a repository for student work; tools to help teachers and principals collaborate better with their peers; and data dashboards."

The district says the previous software used across the state was old and outdated.

The new system will cost $6,566,000 every year, plus a slight increase each year. DPI says this is only slightly more than it paid for the previous system, NC Wise.  However, DPI also says that with inflation/adjustments, it is might be less. The NC Wise system was discontinued and no longer supported. So, DPI said it had no choice but to move to a new system.

PowerSchool is part of a larger initiave called Home Base. To learn more about Home Base and PowerSchool, visit

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