High Point Rd. Renamed? Last Public Meetings Today

9:17 AM, Aug 27, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO - The city of Greensboro will hold its last two public meetings Tuesday before submitting to the Greensboro City Council its report on recommendations for the potential renaming of High Point Road - Lee Street in Greensboro.

One is underway at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center (room 2) and the other is Tuesday night from 5:30 to 7:30 at Barber Park (Simkins Indoor Pavilion).

The previous meetings have not lasted for the full two hours allotted, so the city encourages the public to arrive at the start of meeting times.

Four meetings already have occurred already, and few have turned out.  But, the city of Greensboro's planning committee said the public is split evenly on whether to rename High Point Road - Lee Street.  The public is divided over whether the name of the road should remain split into two names, as it is now, or whether it should be renamed.

The city said it has received more than 50 online surveys from people who cannot attend the public meetings.

Question two on the questionnaire asks people to answer: "What's your preferred outcome?" "A) to rename the road, B) to rename the road to something else, C) to rename part of the road so it is all the same (Lee Street to High Point or High Point to Lee Street) or D) don't rename the road.

The city of Greensboro's strategic manager Hanna Cockburn said some people who have filled out the survey have suggested naming the road John Motley Morehead Blvd after the former state governor.  Morehead is known as the "Father of Modern North Carolina."

The city said the length of the name is something the public might want to take into consideration before making a suggestion.  The city planning committee said the current estimate for how much it would cost to change the signs is about $130,000.  But, if the potential new name could fit on the old signs, it might be cheaper to redo them rather than to replace them.  Replacing could take up to 18 months.  Those costs, however, cannot be finalized until the city council gives the ultimate final decision on the name of the road.

"The next steps--(the) city council asks for us to collect this feedback from citizens. because they really are interested in what people's concerns and ideas are, so we'll be collecting the information as we go, putting that together in a report that will go to (the) city council in September," Cockburn said.

The basis behind the name change has stemmed from some confusion that has arisen because of High Point Road's name. High Point Road is located in Greensboro--not in High Point, and its name switches to Lee Street at a certain point on the stretch.

The survey remains open until Sept. 6.  After that date, the council will present its report to the city council and hold a public hearing.

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