Scheme Alert: Stealing Thousands Through A Check

6:01 PM, Aug 30, 2013   |    comments
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This might make you think twice about where you keep your checkbook. Thieves executed an elaborate scheme to steal thousands of dollars.

"They are counterfeiting the checks, putting a new name on the checks with the same banking information," said US Postal Inspector Essialani Hollier-Jackson.

The account number is correct, which is what the bank is checking and they have an ID that matches the name on the check. Then, the suspects went shopping.

In one case - $350,000 in losses from designer clothing, designer bags, very nice bags.

Postal inspectors began tracking the case and pinpointed exactly where the checks were being used to pay for goods.

"By checking the checks we were able to go back and pull some video from stores and we were able to find some persons we wanted to talk to," said Hollier-Jackson. "He was the maker. He was making checks at his house on printing equipment, old checks that kind of thing. It was a wealth of information."

When authorities attempted to take him into custody, he threw the computer out of a top window, trying to destroy it.


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