Woman Charged With "Misuse Of 911" After Making 41 Calls To Guilford Metro 911

10:37 PM, Sep 3, 2013   |    comments
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SUMMERFIELD, N.C.-- A Guilford County woman was charged with "misuse of 911 system" after the sheriff's office said she called the emergency line 41 times since April 1st.

A Summerfield woman was charged on September 1st . According to the warrant, she unlawfully and willfully did from 04/07/2013 to 09/01/2013 did make 41 total telephone calls to Guilford Metro 911 with no legitimate reason for calling.

The Guilford County Sheriff's Office told WFMY News 2 that she was released from the jail on written promise to appear at her court date on October 7th.

Lt. Cameron Piner told WFMY News 2's Liz Crawford that her calls tie up their resources for other emergencies.

"She called in an awful lot about, you know. 'Will you go check on my daughters who were with her ex-husband. They're being mean and not calling,' which was one of them. Her ex-husband saying things about her that she wants just documented through us," said Lt. Piner.

In most instances, the Sheriff's office will send two cars to 911 emergencies.

Lt. Piner said, "If we've got two cars going to one address in Summerfield, they're not checking the school zones, they're not checking their businesses. They're responding somewhere and if it turns out not to be an important call or something that maybe is taking the resources away from somebody's hurt and really does need help, of course that delays the response for those people."

WFMY obtained records from Guilford Metro 911 Communications. Notes reveal that the woman would want to talk about personal and family issues sometimes tying up dispatchers or sheriff's deputies for 30 minutes.

The day the woman was charged, she called a Guilford County non-emergency number. In the recording, she said she wanted a sheriff's deputy to call her.

The operator asks what the call is in reference to and the woman said, "He knows what it's in reference to. But just tell him to call me this time because the last time, I don't know what, but he didn't call me. He just came straight to my house."

According to reports from Guilford Metro 911, the woman called numerous times on September 1st and during one of the calls, she asked for a deputy to meet her at a Wendy's.

Lt. Piner told News 2 that "misuse of 911" is a rare charge. People usually understand what constituents a 911 emergency.

"We try not to charge that. We try not to limit people's access to us. Sometimes it just gets so extreme that we have to," said Lt.Piner.

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