Church Billboard: 'Love Sex' Catches Many By Surprise

11:10 PM, Sep 4, 2013   |    comments
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Houston-- A church near Houston, Texas, has surprised its neighbors by launching a three-part series called "Love Sex."

The sermons at River Pointe Church are meant to offer a healthy approach to sex from a religious perspective.

"We see the inspiration as being something from the Bible and being godly and we think God is the originator of sex and it's intended to be a good thing, a beautiful thing, an inspiring thing," said Jason Pizzitola, River Pointe's pastor of creative development, in an interview with

"I think the Church at large, including our own at times, has been guilty of making people think sex equals bad, and we want to say sex is beautiful, it's an expression of love, and it's powerful," he added.

The church has placed a large billboard advertizing the classes with the words "Love Sex," catching some drivers by surprise.

"We're getting mixed reactions; it's kind of a polarizing series. Some really encouraging, confident feedback that says, 'Thanks for sharing your perspective and being a thought leader in our community,' and then others who are saying, 'This makes me nervous, it's confusing,'" said Pizzitola.

Over the next three weeks, the sermon series will explore topics such as healing from sexual trauma, character as the key to long-term attraction, and protecting the innocence of children in a sexually aggressive culture.

River Pointe Church is a non-denominational church with nearly 5,000 members.

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