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Kernersville Fire Marshal Says Fire Was "Intentionally" Set

5:56 PM, Sep 4, 2013   |    comments
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Kernersville, NC - Some homeowners in a Kernersville neighborhood are on edge after authorities say a home was intentional set on fire.

It isn't the first time a fire was started on purpose in the area, according to authorities.

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Nicole Powell's mother has lived on Campbell Gardens Road for nineteen years. She says she's never had any problems, until now.

"She said that she woke up to what sounded like fire, fireworks," explained Nicole Powell.

Powell's mother woke up Tuesday morning to find her neighbor's house on fire.

"She immediately came in, called 9-11 got out of the house and got everyone else out of the house."

The fire destroyed the home. The owner wasn't home, but everyone got out safely from the neighboring townhouses.


Authorities believe this fire was intentionally set.

"She's made that comment a couple times that you know this is what's going to happen, I am not going to stay here," said Powell.

She added, "She's been here for 19 years so this is something that is new to them, the vandalism that started in April this year and has continued."

In February, authorities investigated a brush fire in the same neighborhood. The fire was spotted behind a woman's fence near the dead-end of Bowen Lake Drive.

The next month, the house that was set on fire, was broken into. There have been no arrests and the break-in is still under investigation.

Powell's mom and her neighbor two doors down had their door wreaths set on fire, in May.  Authorities say those fires were also intentionally set.

In June, a pile of burning pine straw was left in a driveway on Eastgrove Court. That's just a couple of miles away from the arson on Campbell Gardens Road.

Authorities say they don't know if the fires are related, but say they're all suspicious. Those cases are all under investigation. 

"They all have alarm systems and everything else and its still not keeping the vandalism down
," explained Powell.

The arson is still under investigation and authorities are asking anyone with information to call authorities.

To contact the Kernersville Fire Marshall, call 336-996-6791. To reach the Kernersville Police Department, call 336-996-3177. Anonymous calls can be made to the NC Arson Hotline at 1-800-334-3000. 

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