Randleman High School Fans To Recite "The Lord's Prayer" At Football Game Amid Controversy

11:09 PM, Sep 6, 2013   |    comments
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Randleman, NC -- The Randleman community is protesting through prayer at Friday night's football game.

According to a Facebook page called, Randleman Prays, the Randleman community plans to recite the "Lord's Prayer" during the moment of silence at Friday's football game.

An organizer sent WFMY News 2 an email that said Randleman High School's football announcer received a notice with ACLU letterhead about the rules regarding prayer in public schools.

A Randleman Prays organizer said Tommy McDonald has been praying before Randleman home games for years - even after the school received the notice.

WFMY News 2's Liz Crawford spoke with Chris Brook, the legal director for the NC ACLU. Brook explained that initially the ACLU had not weighed in, but after complaints, they sent a letter to the Randolph County Board of Education.

The letter says in part: ...The prayers delivered by Randolph County Board of Education Chair McDOnald at Randleman High's football games are even more problematic........the prayers are delivered by the highest ranking school official in Randolph County...

Read The Letter: Unconstitutional Invocations at Randleman High School Football Games

According to the Facebook page, Tommy was told he would not be allowed to pray and could only offer a moment of silence.

Since then, the people in Randleman have started a grassroots effort to pray during that moment of silence. There are more than 3,000 likes on the Facebook page. People plan to recite the "Lord's Prayer" in unison at the start of the game.

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