Guinness Book Of World Records 2014

10:10 AM, Sep 12, 2013   |    comments
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The company known for verifying and compiling world marks, many of them unlikely or unusual, has published its book for the coming year.

"Guinness World Records 2014" contains more than 3,000 new and updated accomplishments.

Among the record-setters:

Italy's Fabio Reggiani, creator of the world's largest motorcycle, at 16 feet, 8.78 inches from the ground to the top of the handlebars

Germany's Julia Plecher, who ran the fastest 100 meters in high heels: 14.531 seconds.

Hans Zollner, who built the world's largest walking robot, which is almost 30 feet high

London's Leilani Franco, a contortionist who drinks tea with her feet and holds 3 new backbreaking records

Nottingham, England's James Brown, who has the world's largest collection of vacuum cleaners -- 322 models.

Puerto Rico's Milly is the new world's smallest dog, at 3.8 inches

Florida's Happie the goat has the longest distance skateboarded by a goat, 118 feet in 25 seconds

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Watch: 2014 Guinness World Records' largest collection of "Star Wars" memorabilia

And California's Steve Sansweet has the largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia, with more than 330,000 items

Other new records include the longest paperclip chain made in 30 seconds, and Post It notes stuck to a body -- 454. A Cambridge University grad grabbed one.

The annual "Guinness World Records" is one of the world's all-time best sellers, according to Guinness, with more than 2.7 million copies being bought each year. Since its launch nearly 60 years ago, more than 130 million copies, including 400,000 e-books, have been sold in 20 languages, in more than 100 countries, the company says.

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