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October First Is Coming: Things To Remember

4:21 PM, Sep 13, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- Come next year, we all have to have some kind of health insurance or pay a fine on our taxes. On October first, you'll be able to compare and shop for private health insurance on-line. It's called the Insurance Marketplace. Many state sites will have a way you can call and talk to someone as well.

But some insurance companies are taking it one step further. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of N.C. opened a retail outlet at 1941 New Garden Road in Greensboro. It's one of seven they plan to open across the state. The store will allow you to talk in person ---and ask questions about their insurance options under the Affordable Care Act. Blue Cross Blue Shield and First-Health have released their new proposed rates. Both say rates will be higher, but won't give specifics until October first.

In the same vein, as October first approaches, the Attorney General's office wants to make sure you hear this insurance related consumer alert.  The new healthcare initiative means schemers are going to be coming for you. Attorney General Roy Cooper is already watching several schemes, including watching for people who might use the Affordable Care Act as an excuse to call or email you and request your personal information. 

They also say you should be ready for people to offer phony insurance plans -- like medical discount plans. Those are not really health insurance. They just make you eligible for discounts from participating doctors, dentists, hospitals and pharmacies. 

Remember, never give anyone your personal information. No legitimate government agency or company will call, email or text you for your information.

If you get a call that you think isn't legit, report it to the Attorney General's office. The number is 1-877-5-NO SCAM. That's 1-877-566-7226. You can also file a complaint on their website by clicking here.

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