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2 Test: Silpoura

4:12 PM, Sep 13, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- A few weeks ago, 2 Wants to Know asked Facebook fans to vote on a product to put to the 2 Test. The stainless steel soap won. And we tested it last week. But in the voting, the Silpoura came in a close second! So we decided to go ahead and test it too.

It claims to make pouring and straining precise and mess-free. The Silpoura packaging claimed the product will attach to almost anything and will easily pour everything from pancake batter, to grease, to sugar. So we called Chef Barry Moody to help us put it to the 2 Test. He first read the directions, "Step one. Simply squeeze the top of your Silpoura and slide the plastic clip over the outside edge of your bowl, pan or skillet."

He first tried putting it on a frying pan to strain the liquid from chick peas. He said, "No leakage so far it looks great. [...] I did lose one chick pea but thats all right."

Then he clipped the Silpoura to a bowl and used it to pour pancake batter. He said, "That pours really well as well!"

He also used it to pour some sugar. Even though the sugar had very fine grains, he said, "Its pouring pretty well. Nice even flow. Not much waste. Just gotta be a little careful."

In his final test of the Silpoura, Chef Barry clipped the Silpoura to the side of a large pot that held some broccoli submerged in water. He used the Silpoura to strain the water out and he said, "Its straining pretty good, its not straining out all of the smaller particles but its straining out all of the liquid."

In the end, when asked what he thought of the Silpoura, Chef Barry said, "You know what I like this. I think this will work."

Silpoura is $9.99 on the silpoura website.

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