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Student Alerted Officials There Might Be A Gun on Campus

10:56 PM, Sep 13, 2013   |    comments
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Winston-Salem, NC - Police say a 17-year-old student brought a gun to North Forsyth High School, Friday.

Police say the handgun was in the student's car and that he also made a shooting threat.

Authorities wouldn't say more about the threat because they're still investigating but school officials tell News 2 a student tipped them off.

READ: Gun Found in Student's Car at North Forsyth High School

North Forsyth played a football game against Carver High School Friday night. That's where one student shot another student three weeks ago. News 2 asked about their security plan at football games.

One of the School Resource Officers at the game told WFMY News 2's Morgan Hightower there are officers are every single game.

They're usually at the entrance watching people come in, but don't search bags or pat people down.

This SRO said he hasn't had any problems but is there in case something happens.

News 2 also spoke to parents about the gun being found on North Forsyth's campus, and they say they're proud the student spoke up.

"I think that student did the right thing. If we had more students that did the right thing like that, it may be a little better in the school system," said North Forsyth parent, Brandi Long.

She added, speaking up "can prevent things like what happened here at Carver a couple weeks ago. I don't know if anyone knew about that a couple weeks ago, but things like that can be avoided."

"I think they did the right thing and I think they followed protocol. And I think that's something that they tell the kids about yearly, even monthly you know when they have their meetings and things and I think that child followed the protocol and what they should have done," explained Stacey Lister, a North Forsyth parent.

Lister says she tells her daughter to go to her teacher or principal if she thinks something is not right.  Charleen Hayes does the same.

"If they feel uncomfortable or they hear something they don't feel like should go on at school, then I've directed them to go to their teacher, or to their principal or whomever, the SRO because you never know what people are thinking," said Hayes, a North Forsyth parent.

North Forsyth was not placed on lockdown but the parents got a phone call alerting them about a gun was found on campus.

The student who was arrested has been charged with Possession of a Weapon on School Campus and Possession of a Weapon By a Minor.

WFMY News 2

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