Bowls, Bare Hands & Ice: Why That's A Problem

3:43 PM, Sep 19, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- Inspectors have dinged an area restaurant for using a bowl to scoop ice. What's the big deal? Chef and GTCC culinary instructor Keith Gardiner shows us why that's a health code violation in tonight's Restaurant Report Card Lesson.

Keith says, "First of all, you have to hold on to the bowl so your thumb is in there, and your bare hands are in contact with food. When I scoop, the ice would hit my thumb. So my hand has come in contact with the ice that's going to be eaten or drank."

Keith explains that with any ready to eat food you should have a glove on so if the food is not going to receive any further cooking such as ice, because if you cook it you won't have ice, you need to have gloves on.

"So what the health department wants you to use is something with a handle. And this ice scoop has something really nice which is a guard which will keep your hand. If you have just a regular handle, its easy for your fingers just to drag across the ice too. So here you have it and it protects the ice from your hand."

Keith says this violation applies to more than ice - workers should also use real scoops for flour and sugar.



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