Secret Menu Items Restaurants Don't Tell You About

5:09 PM, Sep 23, 2013   |    comments
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Go to any fast-food restaurant and you'll likely see the menu posted on a display board. But did you know there are some things you can order that aren't on the board?

Coupon Sherpa says they are secret menu items.

Let's start with McDonald's. 

Have you ever heard of a McKinley Mac? It's a Big Mac made with Quarter Pounder patties. 

Or how about ordering chicken and waffles and McDonald's? That's a McGriddle with chicken in the middle!

And you know 2 Wants To Know had to check Starbucks. 

You can order a Crunchberry Frap. It's a strawberries and cream Frappucino with hazelnut flavoring, so it tastes like crunch berry cereal!

At Burger King, you can ask for "Frings" and they'll split your french fry order with onion rings.

Here are some other interesting options:

  • You can order stuffed crust pizza at Little Caesars.
  • You can still get chili at Chili's!
    • It's the restaurant's namesake and it's been off the menu for many years, but many locations will still make it for you.

Now, not every restaurant will participate. But what's the harm is asking? 

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