Get An Earful! Tanya Takes Calls At The Greensboro Contact Center

5:19 PM, Sep 25, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- The Greensboro Contact Center is staffed with ten people who take calls about leaf pickup, trash, water bills, really any city issue.

The contact center started taking calls in 2004. By July of 2013, the center had answered it's 2 millionth call!

The busiest call months tend to be January and July and the busiest call day is Monday!
If you live in Greensboro and have an issue you can call them.
The number is 373-city. That's 373- 2489.

2 Wants To Know's Tanya Rivera spent time listening to calls and learning how to answer a few. Her trainer, Charmaine Wade.

One of the calls Charmaine took while Tanya was there was from a man upset over getting late fees on the water bill he had not paid. While the man told Charmaine "I'm irritated so I'm going to irritate you", Charmaine stayed nice.

"You just have to let them vent."

From 7am to 11am that day, Charmaine had already taken 41 calls. The most she's ever answered in one day? 140! 

When the call center first started taking calls in 2004 they got 5,000 calls a month. Now, in 2013, they get 25,000 a month. 

In the hour 2WTK was there, Charmaine took calls about water bills, a sewage backup and even playground equipment the city doesn't maintain.

It would be easy to say, that's not a city issue." You could, but they're going to call somebody else. " So the service representatives are trained to find callers an answer.

Charmaine says educating city residents and helping them with city issues is why she has a job!

Winston-Salem is the only other city in our area with a call center. Winston-Salem's center is called CityLink. You can dial 311 or 727-8000.

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