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The ACC Basketball Book of Fame

7:29 AM, Sep 26, 2013   |    comments
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Ask any ACC basketball fan who was the best player in ACC history and you better have a couple of hours on your hands for the discussion that follows.

It's a serious subject.Well now there's a book that is a must read for the ACC history buffs. 

Dan Collins is a respected sports writer for the Winston-Salem Journal and has just published "The ACC Basketball Book Of Fame".

In it he talks about the 79 ACC players that statistically were leaders in the conference.  Some you expect to see and some are shockers!

Dan says it's the stories that he learned along the way that are true "behind-the-scenes" gems of the book.

You can buy Dan's book "The ACC Basketball Book Of Fame" online at or at any Barnes and Noble.

Here's Eric Chilton's interview with Dan Collins. Enjoy!

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