McCrory Tours TIMCO, Talks Aviation Growth & Military Jobs

12:01 PM, Sep 27, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Gov. McCrory toured TIMCO Friday morning, talking with company officials and Mayor Perkins about potential company growth and a plan to incorporate more military members into aviation jobs.

"TIMCO is a perfect example of trying to find a niche industry that can build and create jobs right here in the Triad region. And one of our goals as governor is to reward those industries that build things, that makes things, that grows thing and produces things. I'm convinced we can't live off the service industry alone or government jobs alone. We've got to have these skilled workers who can build things," McCrory said.

McCrory said during the tour, he also discussed with the TIMCO team how to get the necessary labor to do the work there, tax situations and infrastructure needed in the Piedmont Triad to support the aviation industry. 

Of his specific plan to provide the military with aviation jobs, McCrory referenced his administration's passing of legislation earlier in the year to help the trucking industry. He said in teaching personnel how to drive trucks, he passed legislation to speed up the process of getting truck certification. McCrory said he would use a similar approach in getting military members the resources they need to fill aviation jobs.

"What we're doing is we're now working with the community college system on other certifications that we can speed up--specifically related to the airline business--to help that transfer cut through the bureaucracy and get these military personnel the well-deserved jobs that they need when they come home," he said.

McCrory explained that he met with the commander at Ft. Bragg two weeks ago about setting up a process to have both communication and education in place at the military bases, so training can commence prior to troops' returning home from deployment.

"We can set up that process and communication, because in the next year, due to sequestration and also the ending of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, [North Carolina will have] a lot of available personnel, and they deserve jobs," he said.

WFMY News 2 also asked McCrory about his Republican-led general assembly's overriding of his two vetoes. He said, "Well first of all, we got at least 80 percent of what we asked for, which in baseball terms, we'd be very wealthy, if we were signing a new contract. So, we were very pleased. We had disagreements on some of the process and some of the legislation, but overall, I'm very pleased with the outcome."

McCrory said in light of the upcoming short session, he anticipates the two main focuses over the next six months will be on energy and education.

He said, "We want North Carolina to get into the energy business, especially the gas exploration business, both inland and offshore, and we've got to verify what our policy is on energy... And second is education. We need a strategic plan on how we're going to move forward with education, how we're going to move forward with our teachers and how we're going to connect commerce with education to create jobs in North Carolina."

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