Forgo The Fair Fiasco

5:11 PM, Sep 27, 2013   |    comments
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NC State Fair, WRAL

Greensboro, NC -- This is a great time of year with all kinds of festivals and fairs. You want it to be great family time. Piedmont Parent Magazine's Eleanor-Scott Davis is going to help us forgo the fair fiasco.

It never fails, the family is having fun and then the fun has to end. The ride tickets are gone and the meltdowns begin.

"Manage your kids' expectations BEFORE arriving. Set parameters on how many rides, games and things to eat they will be aloud. This should be based on age,  older siblings will inevitably be able to do more. Meltdowns can be avoided if younger siblings are made aware of this ahead of time. Mom and Dad may need to split up, each taking children to their own age-appropriate activities."

Before you do anything, do a lap so that the kids can see everything offered. This way, they won't blow their budget without seeing all their options.

And while the rides and games catch our eye, there is so much more to experience at the fair. "Often the best things about festivals and fairs don't cost anything. Make sure to spend time checking out the award-winning pies, pumpkins and livestock. "








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