Wounded Warrior Leads City in One-Million Step Challenge

10:31 PM, Sep 27, 2013   |    comments
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ASHEBORO, N.C. -  Josh Craven was told he would never walk again. 

"I was hit by a roadside bomb, it penetrated the door. A piece of shrapnel went through my left and right leg. Amputating my left leg and severely injuring my right leg where now, I am paralyzed below the knee," explained Craven, an Iraqi War Veteran. 

He was wounded in 2010. He spent two years at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, undergoing surgeries and rehabilitation therapy. 

"They said I'm basically as good as I'm going to get." 

He still has no feeling, sensation or function in his right leg, but he can walk. 

"That's, I guess that's kind of the miracle because the doctor said I would never walk past a walker," explained Carven. 

He also skis, snowboards, kayaks, plays golf and is training for his fifth hand-cycling marathon. 

"I try to do everything that I did before I was injured. And actually being injured is kind of pushed me to do more things I normally wouldn't have done," said Craven. 

He added, "It's I guess just determination. You know especially the doctor saying you know you'll never walk past a walker - well that to me, that's a challenge." 

His next challenge is to help lead the city of Asheboro in a one-million step mission. 

It's a part of the Fall Mayor's Fitness challenge. Several teams are competing and they're able to convert other forms of exercise like running, biking, even gardening into steps walked. 

"If you look at it just like - one million steps that seem like a lot for one person, but if you get the whole community involved, it's kind of an easy goal to obtain," said Craven. 

He added, "I just want to kind of show people who might not necessarily be in the best shape that you can still go out there and do something." 

The challenge ends October 24. To learn more about the Fall Mayor's Fitness Challenge or to sign up, click here.

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