GA Tech Fraternity On Probation After Calling Women "Rapebait"

8:16 PM, Oct 8, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- A Georgia Tech fraternity is at the center of several investigations, all centered around an email believed to have come from its social chair.

The letter is basically a guide for how Phi Kappa Tau members can score at a party. The main tools for luring women, referred to at the end of the email as "rapebait" appear to be dancing and plenty of alcohol.

The letter was only meant for members of Phi Kappa Tau, but every student I talked with on Georgia Tech's campus had seen it.

Students say its not the subject that has them upset, it's the tone of the letter.

"It was really vulgar to a blunt degree. It was basically like how to get this girl in bed. How to emotionally and physically manipulate her," said Alyssa Massar, a student at Georgia Tech.

The letter says in bold letters, "NO RAPING." But let's be clear, the author isn't looking for love. In fact, in his seven step guide to hooking up, he says "if anything ever fails, go get more alcohol" for the women and that commands that after sex you should "send them out of your room and on their way out when you are finished."

"It was a really weird email to send. It was definitely not okay," said Alazar Abebe, who is a member of a different fraternity at the school.

GA Tech says it has policies against underage drinking or sexual misconduct and is investigating to see whether those or any other school codes have been broken.

Undergraduate student body president Nicholas Picon hopes the remaining members of Phi Kappa Tau don't feel the same as the email author, considering their motto touts "ethical leadership and exemplary character."

"As a fraternity man there are joking emails that are sent out but when you cross that line using words like rape and using alcohol to get your way with a girl, that's unacceptable," said Picon.

Members of the fraternity would not talk about the letter or the investigation, but the national organization says it has suspended the member that wrote the letter and that the chapter has voluntary suspended itself.

The university says this is the only time in recent years anyone with the fraternity has faced disciplinary action. Letter or not, Georgia Tech says it requires new Greek members to attend a class on drinking, hazing and sexual abuse to protect students from things like this.

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