City Council Incumbents Survive Primary, Head To General Election

10:53 PM, Oct 8, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. - Greensboro voters should recognize the names on the ballot in November. That's because all of the city's current city leaders made it past the primary and are headed to the general election.

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"What it says to me is that people in District 1 are looking for a change and that they have good confidence in me that I can offer that change. And working together, we are going to build this district like we have not seen for a long time," explained Sharon Hightower, candidate for District 1.

Hightower will face incumbent Diane Bellamy-Small in the general election. Bellamy-Small did not want to comment about the election results.

"It's a humbling feeling, it shows that folks are truly in tune with city council, they're in tune with what we are doing and it gets me fired up to go as hard as we can until November 5," said City Councilman Zack Matheny, District 3.

Matheny will meet Wendell Roth in November.

Roth said, "A month ago, nobody knew my name. Very few people and a month later we got a decent portion of the vote. Would we have liked more - sure I think anybody running would like more but it is what it is and we will continue to move forward."

Former Mayor Bill Knight is back on the ballot. He is vying for Nancy Hoffman's District 4 seat.

"I like community service. I missed it but I am glad to be back. I feel like I still have something I can give to the city. And I'm looking forward to it," explained Knight.

Hoffman said, "We really wanted to listed to the voters in District 4, hear their voices, respond to them, and really connect them to city government. I think we have proven that we did that."

Councilman Tony Wilkins will meet Sal Leone in the general election. Although a current councilman, this will be Wilkins first general election. He was appointed to his District 5 spot ten months ago.

"I got a good report card tonight, but I also got a report card that tells me I need to work harder. So that's what I plan to do," said Wilkins. 

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