Homeowner Cuts Down Park Trees For Better Lake View

12:42 PM, Oct 11, 2013   |    comments
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CHANHASSEN, Minn. - An open view, without the obstruction of trees, on the western side of Lotus Lake in Chanhassen is pretty rare due to the heavily forested city park that runs the shoreline. It's a quaint up-north like feel that draws people in, but a week ago neighbors heard the sound of chainsaws and couldn't believe what was happening.

A homeowner hired a tree service crew to have more than a dozen trees removed so that he would have a better view of the lake from his home.

One problem, it's not his property. The trees are on property owned by the city and when neighbors noticed the trees were being cut, they immediately called officials with the city of Chanhassen and deputies from the Carver County Sheriff's office.

"Neighbors heard the chainsaws in the park area and they were concerned," said Todd Hoffman, Park and Recreation Director for the City of Chanhassen. "There's 17 trees that were cut down total."

Hoffman said it wasn't hard to track down who did what and why.
The entire circumstance was nothing new to the city.

More than 20 years ago the homeowner of the same house, cut down trees in the exact same area.
In fact, the trees cut down this time are the ones that had been replanted.

"Obviously to try and get a view of Lotus Lake," explained Hoffman. "But to think you're going to cut public trees to get a view on private property is really quite disturbing for us."

The person who ordered the trees to be cut will be charged for the costs to replant the trees.

He'll have to pay those costs along with city and attorney's fees for all of the hassle and if he doesn't he'll face criminal charges.

Neighbors are content with that along with the fact that they stopped him before the entire section of trees was taken out.

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