Bridal Beauties: Nutrition Counts!

9:50 AM, Oct 16, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO - You can never out train a poor diet!  Those are just some of April Hartsook's words of advice.

Wednesday on the Good Morning Show, the fitness expert talked to WFMY News 2's Tracey McCain about nutrition.

"You can't get in shape without a proper diet," said Hartsook.  "We like to start with things that are easy. Everybody wants to know what am I supposed to eat?  The truth is, I'm not here to take it away from you. I'm here to teach you how to do differently."

Hartsook went over the foods you should incorporate into your meal plan.

"We start with simple breakfast foods which include almond milk, oats, cereal, egg whites, whole grain bagels and almond butter," said Hartsook.  "I love to do something like hot pepper jelly with almond butter simply because you'll eat less. You put something sweet on your toast you'll want to eat more."

Don't forget to plan your foods and use food for fuel.  "Stop trying to starve yourself," warned Hartsook.

When you start eating better and exercising, you end up eating more.  "People go into that I'm not going to eat because I'm going to gain weight and there's too many calories," said Hartsook.  She warns that's the worst thing you can do for your body, "because if you starve yourself, you'll set your body into low metabolic burn."

Feed your body, but eliminate white foods.

"White is a key ingredient in flours, sugars and the things that we love and have come to know," said Hartsook.  "Brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole grains are much better."

And plan, plan, plan!  The key is preparing and planning.  "People rush out because they're busy. You have to plan your meals if you're going to be successful."

One trick to keep your routine from going stale is to switch it up and have fun. For instance, if you're wearing blue one day, try to have your fruits correspond with the same color.  Eat blueberries or blackberries. If you're wearing orange, think pumpkin, almonds and oranges.

You can find more tips from April Hartsook on her website.  And don't forget to check her out on facebook.









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