Freedom From Guilt - Advice By April Hartsook

6:11 AM, Oct 17, 2013   |    comments
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Advice from Personal Trainer & Fitness Philanthropist, April Hartsook.

It's October and as we head into the holiday season the past year has come full circle. You find yourself in the same place you were 12 months ago.  The disappointment sets in, then the self-loathing, the dysfunctional cycle of poor habits and not so wise choices, and finally the guilt for self-sabotage, procrastination and the proverbial phrase, "I will start tomorrow", take over your thoughts...Sound familiar?

Guilt is an ugly word often felt but rarely spoken.  Hiding behind the pain of your personal wounds, you fight the never-ending battle of "feeding" your past mistakes (including those made just yesterday), through continued comfort choices. Why? Do you realize that no one can make you "FEEL" anything? You choose to look at the negative choices and personal events that either occurred through your own doing or were done unto you without your permission, as being the defining moments of your well being.

You give them power by ignoring the simple fact that there is another way out! Your Health and Wellness is a product of your choices brought on by your past and present experiences and it is up to you to forgive yourself and those along your journey in order to find freedom from guilt!So how do you recover? "Where do I begin?" you all begins with a desire to Change..."Want Different...DO Different!"

Freedom from guilt begins when you make a decision to give as much to yourself as you do everyone and everything else in your life.  When you take back ownership of your personal path by realizing you have done the best you could with the tools you were given, and by being receptive and open-minded to receiving "New Tools".  Scared? Stubborn? Close-minded?"... ask yourself this..."How is your way working for you?" Where do the "New Tools" come from?

•    Surround yourself with individuals who have something you want to see and feel in yourself.

•    Limit your contact to those in your life that constantly remind you of your mistakes and bring you down simply to make themselves feel superior.

•    Set small realistic goals by joining a group health and wellness program filled with individuals seeking the same solutions you seek.

•    Begin a Journal or Blog inspiring others along the way

•    Forgive yourself for your yesterday's and begin by being present in today.

The journey we travel seeking mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health is one in which we must own our choices, seek solutions rather than living in the problems, and discover that our personal power has always been within us.  Start today on your personal road to recovery through Health and Wellness understanding that everyday you have the choice to "DO Different!"

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