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What's The Dry Cleaner Difference? Men's Shirts & Women's Blouses

3:00 PM, Oct 21, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC --  If you've taken clothes to the dry cleaners before, you may have noticed a difference in prices. Specifically, a difference in price between men's shirts and women's blouses. Women's blouses cost more! But why? You might think women are smaller, their shirts have less fabric. 2 Wants to Know went to A Cleaner World to find out the reason for the price difference.

Mike Smith, Vice-President of Operations for a Cleaner World, said it doesn't necessarily cost more to dry clean, but there is a difference in the laundering process. Smith showed 2 Wants to Know how the mens shirt will fit the shirt unit, which is an automatic press that presses about 50 shirts an hour. 

He said gender pricing is an issue when it comes to laundry. Smith said, "The fabric content is washable, the tag says it's machine wash, but it's full full of ruffles and you can't press down on the ruffles. So it's a hand finish."

He also mentioned shell buttons, and how spandex and polyester can be washed, but can't be pressed in the hot shirt unit press. Smith said, "We have to choose the best way to do your garments. We have to change they way we do things for mens and ladies shirts we have to do the best thing for your clothes."

The typical men's dry cleaned shirt is $2.45. A woman's shirt is $6.20.

But men do get charged the more expensive price if your shirt is linen, has special buttons, or has special fabric.

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