Winston-Salem Officers on Paid Leave After Shooting That Wounded 2 Men

5:52 PM, Oct 21, 2013   |    comments
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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Winston-Salem Police and the State Bureau of Investigation are still looking into an officer-involved shooting that happened Friday morning.

Police said the officers shot at two men inside a car. Both men were taken to the hospital.

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Police still aren't giving details about the shooting or what led to it, but one of the men's mothers says her son was innocent. Josephine Plater told WFMY News 2 that her son was shot six times including twice in the chest and once in the head. He's still in the hospital.

She also said the other man was shot in the arm but was treated and released, which police did confirmed on Friday.

Plater says police haven't told her how the confrontation started. In fact, she says police haven't talked to her at all. Her son told her he didn't have a weapon and didn't do anything wrong. She says his buddy didn't have a weapon either.

"He said they shot and shot and shot," said Plater. "He thought they were trying to kill them, for what, they don't know."

"It seems like they would be communicating with the families trying to reach out to say this is what we're doing," added Shameka Hillian, a cousin to James Plater. "Nobody has come by here to say anything like that, so it makes your mind wander, what is truly going on? What are you hiding?"

WFMY News 2 has contact the Chief or Assistant Chief and neither have returned our calls. WFMY confirmed via an attorney that the officers who did the shooting, Officers B. Ferguson and B.K. Ayers gave their statements to the state Bureau of Investigation Monday.

We still don't know who fired which shots, but both officers did fire their weapons. Ferguson and Ayers remain on administrative leave which is standard procedure.

WFMY is still trying to get information about why the officers pulled the car over in the first place.

As for James' mother, she says she's getting a lawyer hoping to get some answers.

We still don't know the circumstances surrounding the shooting, but we wanted to know what it take for an officer to use their firearm. We reached out to Greensboro Police Department attorney Jim Clark.

He says an officer is required to only use a level of force that's reasonable for the situation. Every situation is different and is based on what the officer perceives. An officer does not have the right to use lethal force unless they are faced with a clear threat of life or death to themselves or someone else. Clark stressed it's what the officer perceives at that moment and what that officer believes is a threat.

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