April's Advice: Journey To Personal Health

11:59 AM, Oct 29, 2013   |    comments
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WFMY NEWS 2 - Bridal Beauties -- April Hartsook Blog #3

"Want Different...DO Different"

One might define a "healthy lifestyle" as someone who has personal health maintenance through regular exercise and a balanced intake of nutritious foods. This definition encompasses the standard ideal many of us have come to know, but what if I told you that regular exercise and a healthy palate, while necessary, only scratch the surface of what it means to have overall health!

Personal Health Maintenance begins when we understand that being healthy must stem from a desire to not just "Want Different"... but to "Do Different"! Easier said than done~ Doing different involves acknowledging four components ~

-Mental: in our capacity to control what we think ~

How many times have you allowed the way others made you feel to determine your day? When the reality is YOU allowed it in the first place? Set Boundaries by choosing not to let others control how you think, act or feel.

-Emotional: in our capacity to control how we allow events and others to determine how we feel ~

Why is it an event paralyzes you and becomes an excuse for doing nothing? Why do you punish yourself and others for the wrongdoings of those who have hurt or wronged you? When if you look at an event as an opportunity to learn, to love, to serve and to grow the pain of the event loses its power!

-Physical: in our capacity to change the condition of our bodies through healthier food choices and exercise~

What makes you think that you arrived at this place in your life overnight? And equally why do you set yourself up for failure by placing expectations to be perfect in a month? a year? It takes 21 days to break a habit and you must begin slowly recognizing the journey as the reward NOT the destination!

and Finally

-Spiritual: in our capacity to find love and support in each other and surround ourselves with those who wish to see us succeed and who are willing to help get us there

Why is it you surround yourself with people who continually sabotage your progress? Doubt your ability to "DO Different"? Or worse put you down for the efforts you have made in attempt to change? You are who you hang around and when you stop allowing yourself to feel guilty for desiring change, you will CHANGE! Join a group training, get a buddy and workout together, take time to meet new people with similar goals and interests and find the love you need to achieve success!

My goal is teach "YOU" that "WE" are responsible for the condition we find ourselves in and when we place expectations upon others to fix our world, and when we are unwilling to do something different in our lives, the dysfunctional cycle continues. You get what you work for! SIMPLE! Our lives are made up of choices in which we must learn accountability, we must decide that we are not a product of our world, but rather build our world as a product of our healthy minds and bodies. We must decide to we not only "Want Different"...but we are willing to "DO Different."











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