Bridal Beauties: Tackling Finances As A Couple

8:01 AM, Oct 30, 2013   |    comments
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I saw this great article on Huffington Post called, "The Financial Questions You Should Ask Each Other Before and After You Say I Do."  This is a must read for any bride-to-be.  It talks about the questions you should ask regarding the responsibility of your finances.

Here's a list of the questions to get the conversations started:

1. In case of an emergency, do you know where your financial and legal documents are?

2. How confident are you in taking full responsibility for your retirement savings strategy?

3. Everyone pictures retirement differently. What does yours look like?

4. Your favorite store is having a blowout sale; what will you do?

5. You just received a large tax refund. What are you most likely to do with it?

6. You inherit $10,000. What's your first instinct?

7. You decided to refinance the mortgage on your house. Who will take the lead?

8. Who manages your day-to-day household finances (paying bills, deposits, budgets, etc.)?

9. When it comes to investing for your retirement, who takes the lead?

Take the interactive quiz here.

Huffington Post

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