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Elijah Jordan, Jeffery Sims II Were Wearing Electronic Monitoring Devices

11:00 PM, Oct 30, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Police were keeping their eyes on the two men accused of a shooting that sent four people to the hospital.

It happened Tuesday night on Bluford Street, and by mid-afternoon on Wednesday, police announced they arrested 20-year-olds Elijah Dominique Jordan and Jeffery Bernard Sims II.

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"I don't plan on going on anywhere, because we are going to break this violence down," explained Patty Joyce.

Patty Joyce is one of 18 people who called 911 after hearing gunshots in her neighborhood.

"I said 'mam you need to hurry up because either she's afraid, or she's been shot'," said Joyce.

Police say 3 people were shot and they believe two of those were the intended targets of an opposing gang. They say the shooters are known gang members.

"Those two were definitely in the area," said Segrent M.E. Rakes, Greensboro Police Department.

Electronic monitoring devices helped police track down Elijah Dominique Jordan and Jeffery Bernard Sims II. The two were being watched because of previous charges. Both men were out on bond.

"We definitely let them know that they are being monitored 24/7, we will know where they are at at all times," said Rakes.

He added, "At least the fact that we got the monitor on we can make them be held accountable for it."

Police are still investigating the crime and say other arrests are likely. Officers have increased patrols in the area and neighbors like Joyce and the others who called 911, are also on alert.

"Everybody seems to be coming together with those 18 phone calls, you know and that gives us hope. And we need hope," Joyce said.  

"And if we stick together and start coming together I believe the gangs will be eliminated, the violence will be eliminated, and the drugs will be eliminated."

Jordan was out on bond for felony drug charges and Sims was out on a robbery charge. The electronic monitoring device was a condition of their release.

There are abut 100 people in GPD's electronic monitoring program and Rakes says about 95-percent stay out of trouble.

In August, Bobbie Frederick Walls, Jr. was out on bond for a first-degree murder charge. He was wearing an electronic monitoring device when police say he broke into a house in Greensboro. Police say in this case, it was the GPS monitor that connected him to the crime.

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