Triad Business Owner Opens Store Where Others Won't

1:03 AM, Nov 3, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Taking a chance and making it work. That's how many make a living. A Triad man is using that motto to help build up a part of town that could use it. It's part of an effort to bring some life back to northeast Greensboro.

Frying up chicken is a full-time job for Mohammad Ahsan and his brother. "People are coming over here and everybody is very happy," said Ahsan.

They opened Fri Chicken on Phillips and Summit Avenues in Greensboro three weeks ago. "There were no walls here, no floor and we did hard work," said Ahsan.

They've invested a lot of time and even more money to bring this building back to life, all without knowing what to expect.

"Nobody wants to take the chance in this neighborhood, but we did take a chance and people over here are very nice," said Ahsan.

The city is hoping others will do the same. There's a push to fill empty windows in this part of town. For years, the city and investors have been trying to get a tenant in the Bessemer Center up the street. Several other buildings set vacant along Phillips Avenue.

People who live here appreciate a new business, especially one like Fri Chicken. Owners are also excited about the future.

"Everything's wonderful and I'm hoping I'm going to be very, very busy and people are going to help me out to come over and eat," said Ahsan.

There is still no definite tenant for the Bessemer Center, but an investor is working on filling it.


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