Walnut Cove Baby Dies After Being Run Over By Trailer

10:38 PM, Nov 4, 2013   |    comments
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WALNUT COVE, N.C. -- There are some accidents that will just stay with you--and Captain Terry Dalton says this one of those.   

"Any officer will tell you, a child's death is never easy to deal with," explained Captain Terry Dalton, Stokes County Sheriff's Office. 

"Even though you can go and work the scene, and perform your job as if it doesn't bother you, it does bother you," explained Sheriff Mike Marshall, Stokes County Sheriff's Office.

A 9-month old child is dead after authorities say her father accidentally ran her over. 

Stokes County Sheriff Mike Marshall says the accident happened Sunday at 4:00 p.m. on Lakeside Drive in Walnut Cove. 

The family was preparing to leave and the infant's mother placed her in her car seat. Sheriff Marshall says the mother put the car seat next to the passenger door of the family's truck and ran back inside their house to get something. 

Meanwhile, the father was hooking up a trailer behind the truck and did not realize the baby was outside. 

The father got in the car, pulled forward, and the wheels of the trailer ran over the child in her car seat, Sheriff Marshall said. 

"It was a terrible accident, there is no other way of putting it," explained Sheriff Marshall. 

Captain Dalton added, "The family is in our prayers." 

According to the organization Kids and Cars, nearly 75 children have been killed so far this year when a car accidentally rolled over them. 

They say, in most cases, it was a parent or close relative who was responsible

Kids and Cars says a truck has a blind spot of 8 feet in the front and 50 feet in the back. 

They recommend walking around the car before moving it, know where your kids are at all times, and they say never leave children alone around cars--even if it's only for a minute.   

For more tips, visit the Kids and Cars website

No charges have been filed in this case. Sheriff Marshall does not believe the accident was intentional. Authorities have ruled out drugs and/or alcohol as a factor. 

Sheriff Marshall says the deputies that responded to the house are receiving counseling because it was such a difficult call. 

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