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Triad 'Preppers' Get Ready For The Apocalypse

1:47 AM, Nov 6, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Welcome to the end of the world.

It's the world you never knew existed - where conspiracy is reality.

FRANK: "Are we safe in this country?" DAVID: "Well, no. We are not safe."

An untold number of Americans and *our* neighbors are storing months of food, guns... ammunition... training to protect their families and live off the land.

Even in the Triad, we found dozens of people who call themselves "preppers" sharing survival tactics and scheduling training meetings through websites like Meetup.

None of them responded to our requests for an interview... none except David Degerolamo.

"We do sell these. These are 30 round magazines for an AR-15. And a 30 round magazine for an AK-47," he said.

David wouldn't take us to where he's storing his food and his weapons.

Only what he sells out of his graphics company's office in Raleigh.

During the Great Recession five years ago,  David says he had what he calls an "awakening."

David and other preppers say the government wants to take away our rights.

They have issues with gun control, Obamacare, the Federal Reserve.

And they believe the dollar is on the verge of becoming worthless.

"In my mind, the federal government is evil. They're against the people. They've taken, they've replaced the constitution. We have no rule of law. They have usurped power."

"We are facing an external threat and internal threats," said Degerolamo.

"And I think people are afraid."

In High Point, on North Main Street, you can buy a real-life apocalypse-proof underground shelter complete with a kitchen, television and an escape hatch - which comes in handy since you bury this shelter 20-feet underground.
It's built to withstand a nuclear attack.

We talked to Heather Palau the owner of World Class Powersports where they're selling the shelters for as much at $80,000.

Frank: "So then somebody comes in here, they're the typical person. What does that person look like? Dressed how?" Heather: "Jeans, t-shirt, polo shirt - you know, driving a regular SUV, minivan. Nothing. The people you see every single day."

Frank: "Do you think they're crazy or they're on to something?" Heather: "No, I think there's some validity in what they have to say. There's no telling what may or may not happen."

Frank: "So this is something that you think is going to happen soon. Or... David: "It could happen tomorrow."

Frank: "Would you consider yourself alarmist?" David: "No. I don't like labels."

Frank: "What would you like to be called?" David: "Patriot."

"I think anybody that's paying attention to what's happened in the country doesn't need to be told by anybody what to do. They need to be doing it," Degerolamo said.

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