Church Vandalized, Members have Message for Criminal

11:58 PM, Nov 6, 2013   |    comments
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ELON, N.C. -- A local church community is hoping a spray paint vandal will come forward after the criminal vandalized Westside Fellowship church in Elon.

It's a task members of Westside Fellowship weren't planning on performing Wednesday night.

"I've never even thought somebody would do something like this," said pressure washing owner Ricky Vaughn. "And why, is my question."

The cryptic message was spray painted on the side of their church in Alamance County. Staff drove up to find it there this morning. The message is difficult to decipher but you can clearly see the name of the church and the word "die."

Church members say they take part in a lot of outreach so it's hard to believe they would be targeted.

"The church comes across as a loving agent to the community and so it's sad that it's not respected for that," said parishioner Alicia Copland.

"Very disappointing to see the church building defaced as this but the reality is, it's just a building and it's just a little bit of paint," added Associate Pastor Kurt Ward.

Church members have their own message they want to spread to who did this. "We want them to know that we would be willing to extend forgiveness," said Ward. "We want them to know that they're loved."

With the help of a local cleaning company, the church is now graffiti-free. Church leaders say they hope whoever did this will come forward so they can sit down and have a discussion with them.

The church is now planning a special service on Sunday morning to pray for healing. And they're hoping to hear from God about why this happened.

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