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Burlington Man Obtains Another Man's Personal Information Through ACA Website Mix-up

11:44 PM, Nov 7, 2013   |    comments
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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- A Burlington man went to download his ACA eligibility form but he ended up with someone else's form and personal information.

Justin Hadley registered for an account on the Affordable Care Act website. He told WFMY News 2's Liz Crawford that he was finally able to see he had marketplace eligibility on October 31st and download forms. What happened next was shocking.

"When I clicked the download link, it was a PDF file that came up that had Mr. Dougall's information."

Justin Hadley had accessed Tom Dougall's eligibility form. Dougall lives in Columbia, South Carolina. Dougall also had registered for an ACA account earlier in October.

Justin said, "We knew we had to get in touch with Mr. Dougall and talk to him and obviously contact the health department."

Once Tom Dougall realized what happened, he took measures to get his account deleted. He still doesn't know if his information went to anyone else besides Justin.

"I wanted my information off the website. That's all I wanted," said Dougall.

Dougall said it took five days to get his account deleted.

"For me personally, I'm glad this is over. For other folks, I'm sad we've got a system out there that's not secure," said Dougall.

As for Justin, he wants his account deleted, too. He's made numerous calls to DHHS to remove him from the system. He also contacted congressional representatives, Kay Hagan, Richard Burr, and Howard Coble via the contact form they provided on their websites. As of Thursday evening, Justin's account is still active.


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