The Evolution of Veterans Day

7:34 PM, Nov 11, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. - November 11th marks the end of World War I. It was first called Armistice Day, but has evolved over the years to become a day to celebrate and honor all the sacrifices our veterans have made.

There was a time during the Vietnam War when people spat on veterans coming back home from combat. Today, most of us respect people who sign up to serve in the military or have served in the past. You see flags on businesses, homes and streets. People stop to say, 'Thank You.'

Local businesses all over the country provided discounts to veterans to commemorate the holiday.

WFMY News 2 stopped by Tex and Shirley's Restaurant Monday to talk to veterans about how our perception of veterans has evolved.

"I remember, vividly. It was just last month, that I told my wife, '48-years-ago today, I went into the Army.' I remember it like it was yesterday," US Army Veteran Rick Brewer said. "The cost of freedom is really, really high because it's usually paid for with human life."
Over the years, veterans have noticed people respecting and celebrating the holiday more and more.

US Army Veteran Nina Harmon said, "I came home the other day and saw a car across the street from us that had yellow streamers all over it. I thought, 'I wonder why there are yellow streamers there?' Then, I thought, 'Of course, it's Veterans Day."

US Air Force Veteran William Newell said, "I think there's a lot more significance placed on it. I really had never paid much attention to it until just recent years. I've noticed there is much more significance placed on the day."

No, we can never repay them, but a simple, 'Thank You' means more to veterans than most civilians will ever know.

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