Timing, Uncertainty of Snow Posing a Challenge

11:59 PM, Nov 11, 2013   |    comments
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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.- As the possibility for snow gets closer, road crews are on alert. Salt spreaders and snow plows are on standby, just in case.

But this weather system is already a challenge for them. They're not out salting or brining the roads ahead of time because expected rain could wash it away.

Whatever comes down, they're ready to react. "If we do have a rain to snow event, we're going to have our crews mobilized and ready to go," said Assistant Director of the Winston-Salem DOT Ryan Newcomb.

They're keeping a close eye on the forecast. "In this case, the current forecast is for rain to begin the event which means we're not in a real good position to prepare in advance or do anything in advance," said Newcomb.

The department is equipped with 5 motor graters, 25 salt trucks, 3 brine tanks and 2,000 pounds of salt. Still, the timing of the winter-like weather is a challenge. "It's a very tricky situation and being the middle of November, it will catch a lot of people off guard," said Newcomb.

"We're really not prepared for it, but we will be," said Walmart Assistant Manager Denise Glenn.

At Walmart in Greensboro, Monday is just another day. "I don't think anybody is believing it's going to snow because it's been warm one day and cold the next day," said Glenn.

Being so early in the season is posing another challenge. "We got a call for ice melt," said Glenn. "We don't have any yet but it'll be rolling in soon."

Road crews are as prepared as they can be. "We start prepping in September so our department is definitely ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to bring our way tomorrow," said Newcomb.

In Alamance County, their road crews will definitely be out, snow or not. Ironically, Tuesday is the day they scheduled a dry run for their road crews to practice for snow.

The Winston-Salem DOT holds snow classes to train snow plow drivers. They simulate snow-driving in their parking lot so they can get used the conditions for when the time comes.

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