WSSU Bathroom Brawl And Game Cancellation Gets National Attention

10:29 PM, Nov 18, 2013   |    comments
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  • Rudy Johnson
  • Lamont Britt, VA State Football Player charged with assault (Photo: Forsyth Co. Jail)
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  • Winston-Salem, N.C. -- What happened inside the bathroom at a CIAA banquet on Friday depends on who you ask. VSU is saying one thing and WSSU is saying another.

    Perhaps the game cancellation will cost the city of Winston-Salem in cash, but what about its reputation?

    What happened in the bathroom during a lunch banquet on Friday did more than force a championship game to be canceled. The assault on Winston-Salem State's quarterback has gained national attention and not the kind of attention anyone wants to be associated with.

    Read here: WSSU Quarterback, Rudy Johnson: VSU Players Talked Trash

    "There was obviously some type of loss to the city of Winston-Salem. We don't know what that is yet but he said that he was certainly going to have his people take a look at that," said WSSU Chancellor Donald Reaves about his conversation with Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines about the economic loss of the game's cancellation.

    A dollar figure hasn't been determined but the mayor says it could be minimal. Visit Winston-Salem also says it's too early to tell and will be hard to calculate.

    Mayor Allen Joines told WFMY News 2's Liz Crawford that he doesn't think it will harm the reputation of Winston-Salem but it could have a negative impact on the conference.

    WFMY News 2

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