Trust Plays Major Role In Iran Nuclear Deal

12:08 AM, Nov 25, 2013   |    comments
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The deal with Iran on its nuclear program was finalized in Geneva on Saturday.  Part of the deal gives Iran seven billion dollars in sanctions relief, but Iran must limit its nuclear activities.

What will people be looking for during this 6 month deal? It seems to be trust on both ends.

"The U.S. and Iran have long standing that have been fought with mistrust.  What we want to do is see in the next bit if people are going to be able to build trust.  We want be sure if this particular deal is doing that," says Martin Kifer, Assistant Professor at High Point University.

With all of the issues with the Affordable Care Act, President Obama's approval hit an all time low, but Kifer says this deal could send his numbers back up.

"I don't think people consider foreign policy as much when they think about the president when they approve of him, but if this is seen as something positive, they could take this into account in terms of his overall popularity," says Kifer.

According to CNN's latest poll, only 41 percent of the nation approved how Obama is handling his job as president.






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