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Greensboro Police: 2 Armed Home Break Ins In 2 Days

11:56 PM, Dec 4, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC- Police don't have enough information yet to determine if two armed home robberies involving several suspects are connected.

One armed robber in your house is scary enough, imagine four or even six. It's happened not once, but twice in Greensboro. In Winston-Salem, another home invasion involved seven suspects.

Those three cases all happened in the last 10 days. The two in Greensboro, just in the last two days. And as far as we know no one has been arrested.

Kevin Handy was one of the victims. He told WFMY News 2's Liz Crawford, "They tied me up, start ransacking the house, stealing what they could steal. Two kept their guns on me while the other three guys and the girl did all the pillaging."

On Monday around 4 a.m., Kevin Handy said that five males and one female, all teenagers broke into his house. They had guns and demanded Kevin get on the ground. Then, they tied him up. Kevin said he was stomped in the face and kicked. The suspects got away with laptops, TV's, and money.

"My kids are often here and this happened to be a night that they weren't here and just surviving it was the only thing going through my mind, just getting through it," added Handy.

Handy told WFMY that he has an alarm system that wasn't turned on. He also owns weapons but didn't think to grab them before he got out of bed to see who was in his house. Now, he plans on installing a dead bolt and always using the alarm system.

Two days later, and five miles away, another incident happened on Fulton Street at the Fulton Place apartments in Greensboro. This time, the victims told police that the suspects knocked on the door first.

One of the victims answered and four males, at least two with guns barged in. Police said one of the victims was assaulted. A neighbor said two female students from UNCG live there.
Greensboro police said that shortly after the incident they had people of interest they were questioning. At this point, they're not calling them suspects.

Again, GPD said it's too early to tell whether they're connected. There's also not enough information to determine whether the robberies are random.

WFMY News 2, Greensboro Police

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