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Greensboro Police Offer Tips to Keep Your Home Secure During Holidays

12:55 AM, Dec 21, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Christmas lights add more than decoration to your home - police say they might help deter crime. 

Greensboro Police Officer Phillip Smith showed Kelly Lebsack what's right and wrong when it comes to protecting his home during the holiday season.

"He talked about the lighting and how we should adjust it a little better, keeping the garage doors closed," explained Kelly Lebsack, homeowner.

Lebsack's already followed many of Smith's safety tips.

His exterior lights illuminate potential places for crooks to hide and he always checks to make sure his doors and windows are locked.

But the best feature to keep away the criminals might be his Christmas lights display.

Officer Smiths says, "[Lights] show they take pride in their residence, shows they pay attention to what's going on in and around their home, and in most cases if their lights are on, there is probably going to be someone in the house."

"You know, sometimes people say we look like the Griswolds with the Christmas lights but he did talk about that it was a good idea to have the Christmas lights up. So I'm doing the right thing!," explained Lebsack.

Officer Smith says the extra lights around the house are an extra protection.

He says let people enjoy your exterior decorations but be cautious about what they see inside - or under your tree.

"Close your window treatments so you're not allowing anyone to just walk up to the front door or the back for that matter and be able to look freely inside of your home to see what you have," said Smith.

Smith says its smart to break down the boxes after you open your gifts - especially if the gifts are expensive like electronics.

You do not want to leave those on the street to give crooks a map to what's inside your home.

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