Implosion Brings Down 19-Story Genesee Towers In Michigan

8:57 PM, Dec 22, 2013   |    comments
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Flint, M.I. --The 19-story Genesee Towers has been brought down by a team of demolition experts. 

The plan was for the building to collapse within its own footprint and all evidence suggests the structure did just that.

Uptown Reinvestment Corp. bought the downtown structure from the city for $1. Plans are to transform the site into Exploration Park, a family-friendly plaza with a science theme. It's part of a larger downtown redevelopment effort.

Ahead of the implosion, streets surrounding the building were closed off and the area had a high police presence.

Contract Drilling and Blasting's Steve Pettigrew has dropped buildings all over the world. He's responsible for imploding the Genesee Towers building in downtown flint.

"The movement will start and it will epsilon," explains Pettigrew. "It will go in an epsilon wave to the north and to the west and bring obviously the west alley wall away from Mott building and also the First Street wall, exterior wall, into the middle."

There's only 30 feet between the Genesee Towers and its closest building.

Pettigrew says 1,100 holes were drilled into the building to aid in the collapse. Around 1,000 pounds of explosives will be used. Pettigrew says with a job like this, the first thing you do is look at the neighboring buildings.

"You plan everything around it and then you go around your perimeter," he explained. "You identify it to see that there's enough room obviously to put the building."


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