Tech Experts Warn Buyers to Make Gifts User-Ready

8:52 AM, Dec 23, 2013   |    comments
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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Two days ahead of Christmas, tech experts warn gift-buyers to ensure the continuously-popular technology presents are prepared to hand over to their intended recipients. Best Buy Geek Squad agent Paul Alexander said such pre-wrapping preparations include ensuring the items are fully charged and are equipped with the proper accessories, so as to maximize capability and enjoyment.

For each tablet, phone or laptop gift, Alexander suggested consumers purchase an extra charger, a wireless TV/laptop connector (Apple TV or Chromecast), screen protector, protection warranty, protective case and touch-screen pen. He also said many customers who purchase phones are tending also to purchase the new mobile watches, which operate from Bluetooth.

For the Xbox or PlayStation items, Alexander suggested gift-buyers, especially parents with more than one child, purchase an extra controller, an extra battery and a privacy guard (a TV security camera that currently is out of stock at most stores and online).  Alexander said many Xbox gift buyers do not realize that a majority of the games require an Xbox Live account, which he said is a critical accessory with which to accompany the XBox machine.

Alexander said as stores brace for a busy next two shopping days, it is important for buyers to know that many gift items--like the coveted Samsung Galaxy tablets and XBox One--are not only in stock but are also are at prices comparable to (or lower than) those on Black Friday. But, he warned consumers to remember they will get what they pay for, as higher-quality items on sale are often better buys and more reliable than cheaper, off-brand items.

Aside from major retailers, most Triad shopping centers--including the Four Seasons Town Centre and Friendly Shopping Center--are open (some with extended hours) Monday and Tuesday, Christmas Eve. Customers who still need to ship items through UPS can do so Monday, which is the company's peak "air" day.

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